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First trials show promising result

Early results from clinical trials are promising for both vaccines and treatments. Data from Gilead reveals its antiviral treatment would improve recovery time and reduce mortality in patients. Moderna finds its candidate triggers an immune response against the virus with no serious side effects.

Pfizer and Moderna begin large late-phase clinical trials of their respective COVID-19 vaccines.

In a joint statement, the CEOs of nine pharmaceutical companies pledge to only submit a COVID-19 vaccine for approval once its safety and efficacy has been assessed This link will open in a new window during Phase 3 clinical trials, refusing to bow to political pressure to rush vaccine production.

Gavi announces a collaboration between AstraZeneca, the Serum Institute of India, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to share know-how and accelerate manufacturing This link will open in a new window of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine.

GSK and Vir Biotechnology develop a monoclonal antibody for early treatment of COVID-19 patients This link will open in a new window, announcing the global expansion of a Phase 3 trial.

Gilead's antiviral treatment becomes the first and only FDA-approved This link will open in a new window COVID-19 treatment in the US.

The US grants emergency use authorization for Lilly's monoclonal antibody therapy This link will open in a new window.