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Weekly reported cases and deaths are at their lowest, but viruses don't stand still. And neither do we. As countries transition to long-term, sustained COVID-19 disease prevention, control, and management, we are continuing to apply our unique expertise, passion, and creativity to find new and better solutions. This makes us better able to tackle emerging variants, develop combination vaccines, facilitate easier storage and administration of vaccines and other innovative therapies, and be better prepared for the future.

BIO is publishing a weekly pipeline tracker to provide updates on clinical innovation happening in the industry to combat COVID-19. The WHO's COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker and Landscape provides - twice a week - visualization tables of the status and progression of COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the pipeline, as well as links to reports on safety and efficacy.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is developing new COVID-19 vaccines and adapting existing ones to offer longer, broader, and more durable protection. This includes multi-valent vaccines that can offer protection against more than one variant of COVID-19.

We are developing new medicines to treat symptoms of COVID-19 at every stage of infection. These include antiviral therapies, which aim to stop the virus during early stages of infection, prevent it from copying itself in our cells, or strengthen our body's existing viral defenses.

In addition, we are developing therapies designed to protect people's heart, blood, and lungs from the harmful effects of COVID-19 infection, and medicines that intend to relieve the life-altering symptoms of long COVID.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry has developed COVID-19 vaccines and treatments at record speed and in historic quantities:

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    vaccines authorized or approved by at least one country

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    approved therapeutics worldwide

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    manufacturing deals for COVID-19 vaccines

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    manufacturing deals for COVID-19 therapeutics

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May 2023